Pablo Stennett is a Grammy Award winning producer, musician and writer dedicated to cultivating dynamic artists and music through creative synergy.

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NEW RELEASE: The Journey With Stripe – Produced by Pablo Stennett

Red Stripe celebrates it’s 100th year Anniversary with an Album Produced by Pablo Stennett. Hit singles “Keeping It Up” and “Fun Time Again” are available now!  iTunes

Produced by Pablo Stennett – Reviva’s New Album Equanimity

Peace – Love – Diversity

Announcing the new album “Equanimity” by Reviva – Produced by Pablo Stennett. Equanimity is an album that is inclusive of everyone and speaks to some of the major challenges our global society currently faces

Visit www.RevivaBand.com for more information

Equanimity is Reviva’s musical response to these challenges. The term literally means “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.” We feel calmness and evenness of temper are the only ways to overcome these challenges as a human race.

Pablo Stennett’s single featuring Emree Franklin

Anthem of Love & Hope for our Future

Announcing We Are Tomorrow, the hot single featuring Emree Franklin, produced by Pablo Stennett.

We Are Tomorrow is an anthem of love and hope for our future.

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Visit www.WeAreTomorrowMusic.com for more information, including press coverage and behind-the-scenes footage of the recording session!

In The News: UR2.Global Names Pablo Stennett 2017 Honorary Artist-In-Residence

Pablo will offer songwriters and spoken word poets an Artist Challenge to help benefit the Global Self-Esteem Project.


Inspired through his collaboration with various artists, Pablo believes artists are family and collaborates with individuals who value mentorship, feedback and the learning process along with making unforgettable music. Pablo is known for spotting untapped talent, often invisible to the artists themselves.

To many, he is known simply as, “The Council,” because of his ability to bring people together for a seamless creative process. Decades of experience makes him a trusted partner and liaison for high-profile stakeholders in music, entertainment and commercial fields.

Based in Southern California, Pablo works regularly with major artists and new talent, as well as film studios, video gaming companies, media organizations and major corporations. When not in the studio, he can be found touring with Ziggy Marley and has recorded/toured in the past with Willie Nelson, Raphael Saadiq, Chaka Chan, Diana King, Pink and Jimmy Cliff, among others.

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You can tell when you hear his music that musician and producer Pablo Stennett puts heart and soul into everything he does. – Mackie

AMAZING Song and LYRICS brother Pablo….. SO much AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing it with me.. GREAT things to come from that SONG!!!!!!! – John S

We talk about global oneness and a better world and your song is all about promoting that. – Sister Jenna, Host of America Meditating Radio Show

Pablo you are putting your blueprint to and foundation on music that will be here far long after we are all gone. – Paskel PT English-Burley

It’s so refreshing to listen to a positive radio station who is doing something positive. The interview this morning with Pablo Stennett and Emree Franklin was so Inspirirng! People Actually Genuinely CARE about our Future. “We are Tomorrow” is the New Anthem song I love it can’t wait for its release tomorrow. – Nadine DeRoux

Music empowers the heart in ways that nothing else can. Think of “We Are The World,” “Imagine,” and “One Love.” These songs brought people together and provided inspiration to do better things. Now the talent of Pablo Stennett and Emree Franklin come together to present a new anthem, for a new age, “We Are Tomorrow.” – Alan Gray, NewsBlaze Daily News

Introducing – Brandon Stennett

Brandon Stennett – Musician

Brandon Stennett is a talented drummer and percussionist.

He recorded on the single “We Are Tomorrow” and on Reviva’s “Equanimity” Album.

Brandon is a founding member of the band “Connect” and has played numerous concerts and venues.

He was awarded Outstanding Jazz Performer at Esperanza Jazz Festival, Best Soloist at Western States Jazz Festival, and Performer of the Year at Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

Draw strength from what you love.

– Pablo Stennett

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